Intensive Dynamic Psychotherapy

At the core of all neurotic and personality disorders there is a severe and intolerable emotional pain caused by an early disruption of affectionate binding between the child and mother or caretaker.

The pain of trauma creates a layer of rage, and the quality and the severity of rage correlates with severity of pain of trauma.  The earlier the trauma, the more severe the pain of trauma is, and the more primitive and vicious the murderous rage. This rage is fused with guilt feeling and is the engine of the pathogenic organization that forms symptoms and personality problems (perpetrator).

The next layers in the core of unconscious of these patients are layers of regret and grief feeling. To avoid these intolerable layers of feeling, layers of defense mechanism get into operation to keep them buried deep in the unconscious.

Finally a major layer of resistance against emotional closeness keeps patient in emotional exile, avoiding any intimacy and closeness.  In a sense, severely traumatized patients, early in their life make a contract with themselves not to let another human being get emotionally close to them, since they are terrified of experiencing the pain of trauma and the excruciating pain of guilt.  As these feelings get mobilized and move toward conscious, anxiety intensifies and a defense mechanism gets into operation to bring down the anxiety level.

Deeply Buried Feeling and Impulses 3

The goal of therapy is to obtain access to these deeply buried feelings and impulses. But first we should increase the patient’s capacity to tolerate pain and anxiety and remove all defensive mechanism and forces of resistance. This could be accomplished in the shortest possible time with Intensive Dynamic Psychotherapy.

This powerful and unique technique is based on principles of classical psychoanalysis, but it is fundamentally different when it comes to handling the malignant forces of major resistance, which is responsible for maintaining and perpetuating patients suffering.

Dr.Naficy believes that the only way that we can access the deeply buried feelings and impulses of unconscious mind, especially guilt feeling, is to remove the destructive forces of major resistance and pathogenic organization. That is accomplished with active involvement and commitment of both party involved in the process of psychotherapy. In this technique the forces of resistance are actively and relentlessly pressured and challenged by therapist until it is totally removed.

Dr. Naficy’s success in treatment of his highly resistant and most difficult patients is because of his ability to rapidly mobilize unconscious and all the positive and negative feelings of his patients and help to fully experience their deeply buried feelings here and now in the session toward him. That instantly and automatically transforms to other figures in current life, as well as the past significant persons like parents. Severely traumatized patients live a a worm like life, going in and out of holes in their life.

Unlocking the unconscious of patients in the first interview, not only is therapeutic, but also empowers and motivates the patient to work relentlessly with Dr.Naficy to climb up the mountain toward the peak, where emotional freedom is waiting for his patient and their life will transform from a worm like life to an eagle soaring freely in the sky.

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